Meeting Address: 175 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC      
  Meeting Times (2-week lockdown. Will resume Wed Nov 25th):                                                                                           
     --- Sundays 6:30pm (11:00am unavailable for now)
     --- Wednesdays 6:30pm                                                             
     --- Fridays 6:30pm                                                                          

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Street Church is registered as Vancouver Foursquare Church. Its two simultaneous ministries are First Nations Bible College (free tuition) and Outreach to the locals (free food).

Nov 13th Update:

Taped live streaming of Pastor Randy's memorial service held on October 22nd.

Oct 17th 2020 Important announcement:

Pastor Randy was called Home by our Lord God on Oct 9th, Friday night, due to complications from diabetes. There will be no large public memorial or funeral service because of COVID19 restrictions. The family is planning a small service which may be available online as a live streaming event. Further details will be posted when available.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers for Street Church and Pastor Randy's family.
Let us all thank God as we remember Pastor Randy's sacrificial, faithful and humble service to His calling for him to reach out to everyone who comes to Street Church and FNBC. May God continue to provide. All for His glory.

Meeting Hours:

6:30pm every Sunday (11:00am not available for now); and 6:30pm every Wednesday & Friday for free hot dogs, hot food and salad, coffee, tea, music, prayers and God's word!

*Assistant Pastor Mike and Pastor Christina will be overseeing all of these.


Nov 12th 2020:

Dear Friends,

Due to recent high cases of COVID contractions, Street Church is complying with the 2-week lockdown put in place by our Health Authorities. I pray that every one of us will do our part and stay home. Please keep praying for the homeless for it is sad that they have no place for themselves to feel safe during this lockdown. We will return to resume our ministry on Wed November 25th.

Stay safe and God bless,

Pastor Christina

(You may contact me anytime at 236-888-4530)

First Nations Bible College class starts at 11:00am till 1:30pm from Tuesday to Friday. Courses are taught “module/intensive style",so students can enroll at any time and be accepted into the program with no tuition to pay. For those interested, please contact FirstNationsBibleCollege(at)

*Due to Pastor Randy's passing on Friday Oct 9th 2020, classes are suspended until further notice.

Welcome to Street Church!

At Street Church in downtown eastside of Vancouver, we reach out to everyone who comes by offering hot dogs, coffee and a listening ear plus prayers and God's loving word.
We also have students who are willing to study the Bible so that they can pastor/lead a church once they graduate.
We welcome visitors and financial partners, and would very much love to hear from you. Thank you and God bless.